The National Petroleum Company of Congo (SNPC) supports national education

22 January 2014

From December 9 to December 12, 2013, the National Petroleum Company of Congo (SNPC) sponsored the 30th medical doctorate thesis defense session and the award of degrees in medical science from the Faculty of Science Medical Science of Marien Ngouabi University. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ auditorium served as the forum for the award of 19 doctorate degrees and 24 degrees for health science technicians.

For the general directorate general of the SNPC, this sponsorship event served two objectives. First, sponsorship for education programs helps push forward President Denis Sassou Ngeusso’s development objectives announced in a message to the nation before the parliament on December 31, 2012, stating that “the year 2013 will be the year of basic education and vocational training. “Second, sponsoring education events of this kind helps SNPC’s corporate social responsibility objectives (CRS), which it promotes through its Foundation. For this reason, SNPC has successively hosted events in support of education and health.

For example, the SNPC helped build a boarding school and laboratory for scientific research to the Lycée Ewo in Cuvette-Ouest; donated a center for technical trades and a nursery school in Kinkala in the Pool department; and the construction of a school complex with boarding for Djambala High School in the Plateau Department.

Soon, the SNPC will begin work on the rehabilitation of the Integrated Health Center (IHS) in Koundsoulou in Pool North ; complete construction on the IHS of Tchiminzi in Kouilou; the construction of the IHS of Otsoui and Mbandza in Plateau and the implementation of follow-on projects for the municipalisation of the Lékoumou department in 2014.

While working in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, SNPC, has not lost sight of its main purpose to, inter alia, research, produce, process, transform, enhance, transport, and market oil and gas both to the Congolese territory and abroad.