Current Status of the National Company of Congo Petroleum for a global group strategy

22 January 2014

The General Department of the National Company of Congo Petroleum held from September-October 2013 a “General Department Day”. The generique cialis goal was to carry out an inventory of the company’s operations in order to produce a comprehensive strategy document of the company. This operation involved the participation of the entire training staff that was invited by the General Department to diagnose on one hand obstacles and on the other progress in all branches of activity of the SNPC group.

The Executive Board has called for submissions of completed and ongoing activities in each area. This inventory and performance against performance-was underpinned by plenary discussions in Pointe-Noire where is located the heart of the oil business of the company; and in Brazzaville, headquarters of the SNPC group. The compilation of proposals from the work allowed the executive to formulate the matrix of the strategic vision of the National Company of Congo Petroleum. This comprehensive strategy is based on an action plan and monitors resolutions to be implemented in the short, medium and long term, within the essential pillars of the SNCP Group including its holding company and subsidiaries.

Pending the implementation process of the new global strategy, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board are focused primarily on achieving the objectives enshrined in the company's activity program.

Regarding the General Department, it must continue the HSE audit of the Group and the development of the manual set up SNPC procedures; formalize procedures for managing procurement and supply; to define the modalities of assistance to subsidiaries for the tendering and contracting activities; lead the development of the multi-year plan of the Group; etc. In the upstream, the MKB permit retain more attention in the industry. Attention will be naturally inclined to the Exploration, new partnerships, Development, Operations, other ongoing activities on permits and on the valuation of Congolese Gross.

In downstream oil, the cursor points to the particular project Pipeline PNR-BZV-Oyo-Ouesso; the project for security and strategic stocks; modernization of aviation deposits; the proposed construction of GPL terminal in connection with the SNPC D group; the work of upgrading of Coraf facilities; building bitumen tanks.

As a far as Finance and Accounting are concerned, the aim is to popularize and apply accounts consolidation procedures within the SNPC Group; encourage immersion courses of managerial staff for oil partners; organize the final acceptance of the GIS (Proxima); organize oil trades in training courses, software applications and English; produce analytical statements; enhance staff training. Activities "No Profit" will focus on receiving the rehabilitation of the integrated health center (CSI) koundzoulou; that of the construction of the CSI of Tchiminzi; as well as acceptance of the works of rehabilitation of the CEG of Liberty, accompanying the Municipalisation projects of the Lékoumou department and the construction of the CSI of Otsoui and Mbandza.