Its mission is prospecting, research and exploitation of crude hydrocarbon deposits. SONAREP ensures the production of operated fields (Kundji) or fields co-operated by the SNPC (Tilapia).

Since its creation in 2002, SONAREP manages all the group's activities in the field of exploration, research, exploitation and production of hydrocarbons. Its activities really began in 2005 with TILAPIA.

In order to improve its operation from a logistic point of view, it worked from 2014 to 2015 on the acquisition of a well-testing equipment. This was its first investment in oil equipment.

This well-testing operation has several objectives, mainly to prove the potential of reservoirs by determining their dynamic properties; confirm the performance of each well and improve the productivity of the fields etc.

SONAREP also plans to take over the operation of Kundji by the final installation of the production tools. Begun in April 2013, Kundji's final production facilities were completed by October 2014. They are modern facilities that meet current international oil standards.

They have three main functions namely to stabilize the production of wells on both platforms (PF100, PF200); store the stabilized crude in the dedicated bins on the PF100 and load the tankers for export of crude oil to the CORAF refinery.

A third major project is the construction of an 11.00 m² logistics base in Djeno.