As a national oil company, one of our main and statutory missions is the management of State oil assets. In this capacity, we are responsible for valuing the share of production going to the State under the sharing agreements. Also, as part of the marketing activities, our team is dedicated to the evaluation of Congolese crude oils and the identification of new markets on a global scale, interacting with international actors, concluding partnerships and strategic trade contracts.

Our activities revolve around 2 essential functions:


There are four (4) main grades of oil from the Congo Basin that are traded internationally including:

  • Djeno - medium heavy crude oil with low sulfur content
  • NKossa - non-corrosive light crude oil
  • Yombo-fuel oil with low sulfur content
  • Nemba - non-corrosive light crude oil

Each crude oil is produced differently, and therefore valued differently, depending on its quality characteristics and market conditions. As such, we constantly discuss with our partners and buyers to understand their needs and allow us to position ourselves in a consistent manner to optimize the value of our crude oil for a better contribution to the State budget.


Our operations division is a key component of our business, facilitating the loading of oil shipments at the various oil terminals including obtaining approvals, validations for tankers, managing, processing and verifying all documentation to ensure the removal of oil cargo without disruption in full compliance with all regulations and procedures.