Commitment to corporate social responsibility

Since 2002, when it was founded, the SNPC Foundation plays an important role in social democracy. It is regularly solicited by public institutions, socio-medical or socio-cultural associations, as well as individuals in situations of social distress.

Its purpose is to respond in an organized manner to the demands of citizens who rightly consider the company as their own.

The SNPC Foundation carries out several works of public interest in many fields, in partnership with Congolese authorities, particularly in health, education, culture, poverty reduction and entrepreneurship.

Social initiatives

In 2011, the SNPC donated a general education high school to the city of Ewo in the department of Cuvette West.

In 2012, it was the turn of the Department of Pool: construction of a technical trade centre and Mother and Child maternity.

In 2013, the SNPC built a high school and boarding school complex in Djambala in the Plateaux department.

In 2014, an agricultural school was built in Sibiti in the department of Lékoumou.

In 2015, another general education high school was built in Ouesso in the department of Sangha.

And finally in 2016, the SNPC built another high school in Madingou in Bouenza.

Education and Health

The SNPC Foundation rehabilitates school and sanitary facilities by equipping them technically.