CORAF's main activity is crude oil refining. It ensures the energy security of the country by providing about 70% of its needs in finished products. Its processing capacity is 1.000.000 T/year. Since 2009, a new refining scheme has been put in place.

CORAF refines Nkossa light crude. The crude refined by CORAF comes from the Djeno Oil Terminal which is connected to the refinery by a 25-kilometer pipe. Tank trucks also deliver to CORAF crudes coming from the SNPC fields (MKB and Tilapia). CORAF launched many projects between 2014 and 2015 including:

  • The construction of two storage bins for super 5000 m3 each (in progress);
  • Remodelling units to increase production capacity (in progress);
  • The construction of the control room (executed project);
  • The construction of the head office.